Who We Are

“It’s not every day that you buy a product or service that totally exceeds your expectations, but that is where we reside. In the pursuit of perfection, we find excellence, so excellence we demand, not perfection”
Paschal Collins

We are a company that is over 2 decades old but yet modern, passionate about the environment and human relationships, simple, yet technically robust and competent.

We see cost control and efficiency as key to successful project execution. At the same time, we know that quality and schedule have to be managed to achieve our ultimate goal: that every project is delivered as scheduled and on budget.

When it comes to harnessing technology in our processes, we use the best there is because we believe in working smart.

Alphaden also understands the key to a successful project: Conformance to Regulatory Requirements and Industrial Standards. As a key industry player, we strive to achieve perfection in the aspect of Zero Incidents and Quality Management by compliance and commitment to the highest standards of regulatory practices, in other to consistently provide relevant training to our employees.

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