Fishing Services

Alphaden Energy fishing services offer the industry a comprehensive line of fishing, milling, casing, tubing patch, and decommissioning tools.

Our fishing systems and tools—applied with our industry-leading fishing knowledge— remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently and greatly reduce the cost of wellbore problems.

We designed many of the fishing, milling, cutting, specialty tools, and techniques used in cased hole, open hole, and through-tubing intervention. Decades of field experience and our continuous investment in research and engineering have resulted in innovative solutions to the problems that impede production and interrupt operations. From smart-intervention tools to accessory equipment that enhances performance, Alphaden Energy has the products and services to meet your fishing challenge.

Conventional fishing tools and systems include packer milling and retrieving, internal and external cutting, internal and external engagement, washover equipment for virtually every fishing application. Regardless of what’s in your well, chances are we’ve removed it successfully.

We offer you a combination of the right tool, experienced personnel, excellent service, and a strong commitment to health, safety, and the environment

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