HSEQ Policy

Alphaden Energy and Oilfield Limited is strongly committed to conduct all business activities in a responsible way, which assures the health, safety and security of people, preservation of the environment, quality of the products/services and compliance with all regulatory requirements in countries where we operate.

To achieve this professional tenet and beliefs, we utilize Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management Systems (HSEQ-MS) that are designed to:

  • Continually pursue the goal of zero harm to people, assets and the environment.
  • Ensure HSEQ is integral throughout the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of our assets and services.
  • Promote Leadership commitment to improve HSEQ culture, prevent injuries, ill health and adverse impacts on the environment;
  • Provide a framework that will comply with client requirements, applicable codes and standards;
  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities regarding HSEQ, including the right to STOP WORK where conditions or practices are deemed unsafe;
  • Provision of information, instruction and training that is relevant to a person’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensure sub-contract organisations manage HSEQ in accordance with this policy.
  • Communicates openly with its stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our HSEQ policies, standards, programs and performance.
  • Identify, analyse and effectively manage all risks arising from Alphaden activities;
  • Provide systems of work, appropriate technology, tools, and procedures that meet appropriate performance standards;
  • Maintain a constant vigilance and readiness to prevent and, where required, respond to and effectively manage emergencies; and
  • Continually monitor and improve our systems (HSEQ-MS), culture and performance, including reducing and preventing pollution, through an on-going review of our objectives, targets, metrics, system gaps, and implementation of proper corrective and preventative actions.