Products and Services

Alphaden Energy Services has taken a customized, single sourced approach to its Products & Services by offering customers a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those services that are most beneficial for their companies.

Each service is tailored to solve a specific client problem. We design and estimate the project, gaining a detailed understanding of the work scope and critical path. As part of quality planning, specific inspection and test plans are established, and detailed hazard analysis assessments are completed to maximise safety.

We observe, listen and understand the business needs before recommending a solution that will ultimately fulfil the client’s objective.

We’ll be there, regardless of the location or the challenge, with products and services that enable you to drill, evaluate, complete, and produce the energy that drives the global economy.

As one of the world’s leading oilfield Services Company, we work with you to lower costs, reduce HS&E and economic risk, improve productivity, and increase ultimate recovery. As your work becomes increasingly more challenging, we’ll be there.

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