Quality Policy Statement


Alphaden Energy & Oil Field Limited is committed to ensuring that the quality of products and services delivered are of the highest standard at all times conforming to local and international standards and satisfying the client’s needs or contractual requirements.

In pursuance of the above, Alphaden Energy & Oilfield Limited ensures that the best, skilled and qualified personnel is engaged for the execution of his/her works and services and continuously monitored and supervised for the effective performance of Quality management system, structured to meet the requirements defined in ISO 9001.

From the foregoing, utmost importance is given to conformance with international and local acceptable quality standards, which is intended to sustain Alphaden Energy & Oilfield Limited in the competitive market.

It is required of all personnel to operate in strict accordance with the quality system, performing their tasks correctly, and contributing to the application and continued improvement of the quality management system. All personnel has the responsibility for ensuring that all personnel in the company are fully aware of the company’s quality policy and their individual responsibilities as defined in the quality manual.

The company’s policy remains as follows: “All activities by individuals or teams will be planned and executed in such a way that client’s requirements, as well as Alphaden Energy & Oil Field Limited business objectives, are met safely, efficiently and cost-effectively”.

With each project we undertake, a quality plan is implemented, encompassing control measures that ensure the client’s requirements are met, within the specified time, and in line with the budget. To this end, we endeavor to work as a committed team in a spirit of co-operation with the client and their customers.


Alphaden Energy & Oil Field Limited recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential when providing quality cost-effective services to our clients. Management is totally committed to providing commercial & industrial General Contracting Services that comply fully with the specifications and expectations of our valued clients. Therefore, it is the policy of ALPHADEN ENERGY & OILFIELD LIMITED to adhere strictly to this quality control program and to ensure that this program and the requirements of our customers are met on each and every project we execute.

Full authority for the implementation and administration of the quality controls described in the quality manual has been delegated to the Quality Control Manager “QCM”. The QCM has the responsibility and organizational freedom to identify quality control problems, stop work, recommend solutions, and verify the resolution of such problems.

Project Managers are responsible for their assigned project’s QA/QC activities. They may delegate the performance of their assigned duties to qualified individuals, but they shall retain full responsibility for completing their projects in strict accordance with established quality control policies and the client’s specifications. The quality of all subcontractors and vendors shall be the joint responsibility of the QCM and the applicable Project Manager. All projects will be executed in a manner that emphasizes safety, quality, schedule, and maximum cost-effectiveness. Any commitment, conflicts, or non-conformance issues not resolved using current established Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Procedures shall be brought to the attention of the undersigned for final resolution.