Gas Infrastructure, Construction and Maintenance

Alphaden prides itself on safe, innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions for utilities, municipal authorities and commercial entities.  Our customers benefit from our problem-solving ability that helps make them successful.  We provide gas services that range from any size construction project to all maintenance tasks, as well as project support services.


Midstream construction & Maintenance services that we offer include:

  • Natural gas pipelines.
  • Gas distribution mains and services, including low pressure conversions, tapping and line stopping services, and live gas tie-ins.
  • Bare main replacement.
  • Regulator station installation.
  • Trenchless technologies including directional drilling, boring and small-hole vacuum excavation.


We provide pipeline construction, repairs & maintenance services to all sectors of the oil and gas industry using our  multifaceted operations which includes a full and comprehensive list of services including: engineering, construction, installation, maintenance services. We also provide service life assessment for facilities, gathering lines and systems, separating, treating and processing during production.


We understand that the midstream pipelines are an important, integrated part of the overall three-tiered oil and gas industry. Thus, in addition to offering great pipeline services for the midstream industry we are careful to ensure that these services can be well integrated into the upstream and downstream sectors as needed. For example, we provide comprehensive, total-solution construction & maintenance services for pipeline transmission of oil and gas to downstream facilities, thereby enabling these substances to then be further processed and delivered to the end market users.


Some specific construction & maintenance services we offer includes:

  • Pipelines of various sizes
  • Right-of-way
  • Surveying
  • Permitting
  • Mapping
  • Well head hook up
  • Oil gathering lines
  • NGL pipelines
  • Main pipelines
  • Construction management
  • Modular manufacturing
  • Pipe spools
  • Meter stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump stations
  • Flow stations
  • Pigging facilities
  • Composite wrap technology
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Gas plants
  • General maintenance
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Tank construction
  • Heater construction
  • Government fueling facilities
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Transfer lines
  • Gas transmission and distribution
  • Proactive service replacement.
  • Leak detection and repair.
  • Gas distribution asset inspection, maintenance and repair, including valve inspections and cathodic protection systems.
  • Meter and regulator replacements, including appliance re-lights.
  • Trenchless technologies including directional drilling, boring and small-hole vacuum excavation.

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