Well Construction & Completion

Cementing Services: The cement sheath that seals your well from formation fluids is, ultimately, an investment in safety and environmental stewardship. In addition to supporting the casing, the sheath offers a sealed barrier that protects the casing from corrosion and underground source drinking water from contamination. Our optimized cement systems and automated mixing equipment enable precise, safer slurries that match well conditions while minimizing rig time.

Alphaden cementing experts are committed to superior engineering. Leveraging advanced design technology, advanced fluid displacement simulator, we apply high-quality products and additives using high-performance equipment for dependable, long-term cementing in every well, every time.

Re-Entry Services: We help you increase reservoir contact with a clean, precise, properly angled casing exit. Leveraging our suite of wireline, surface logging, and drilling technologies, our re-entry services are engineered for reliable performance.

Tubular Services: Our Tubular Services offers unmatched safety, reliability, and value in a full range of specialized tubular running applications. These include tubular running, hammer services, completion assembly and rigless intervention services.

We offer a full range of specialized equipment for casing and tubing running, including, Casing Running Tools (CRT), Fill-And-Circulate tools (FAC), pickup and laydown systems, and flush-mounted spiders.

Our Completion Assembly Services teams offer 24/7 support, multiple fixed and mobile torque stations, and superior equipment for full torqueing and pressure testing of all API, premium, and conductor connections of any size. We also offer a full flow iron rental and refurbishment service.


Well Servicing

Well servicing encompasses the many activities performed on wells, such as initial completion (opening the wellbore to its initial producing zone), re-completion into additional producing zones, stimulation (injecting fluids and materials to increase production), diagnostics and maintenance. This work is most often accomplished using well servicing rigs, although rigless operations are also common.

Alphaden makes use of simple yet powerful tools and systems to improve the performance of well servicing operations. These systems track well service jobs and break each operation down for both time and cost analysis.


Well Intervention Services: Whether you are operating onshore, offshore or subsea, Alphaden will help you construct your well safely and in the most efficient manner. Our solutions range from surface and subsea wellheads, to specialty connectors and pipes.

Get reliable performance over the life of your well, while reducing risk. Alphaden’s comprehensive portfolio of wellbore construction technologies helps eliminate non-productive time and lower the overall cost of well construction. From liner hangers, to multilaterals, solid expandable monobores, and wellbore isolation systems, these solutions ensure your operations run smoothly from the start.


Problems we solve

Every technology Alphaden makes use of is carefully engineered and rigorously tested to ensure well integrity, productivity, and pressure control. Our products and services are crafted to tackle specific problems, such as hole size, technical limitations, pressure requirements, and safety concerns in even the most challenging applications, like deepwater or extended reach wells. So, you can avoid unplanned interventions and create the ideal wellbore from formation to surface

Our well construction methods have many advantages, such as:

  • Advance well performance and production rates
  • Minimize health, safety, and environmental risks
  • Significantly lower NPT
  • Increase reservoir connectivity
  • Improve hydrocarbon recovery
  • Boost ROI and reduce capital expenses