Subsea Landing String Services

A landing string with a subsea test tree is a primary in-riser well control system, which is designed for completion and well intervention activities.

Well testing, completion, and intervention projects in the offshore environment present unique challenges. Efficiency, reliability, and safety are all of paramount importance to ensure successful operations.

As a partner in subsea project deliveries, Alpha Den Energy provides integrated solutions for clients. By taking system ownership for the landing string delivery, performing global riser analysis and full system control.  The client is provided with an optimised delivery execution phase and safe operations.

Our subsea systems have a proven track record of overcoming the complexities imposed by deep waters, high pressures, and extreme temperatures.

Their monitoring and feedback capabilities help you reduce technical risk. Their field-proven technologies achieve efficiency where it matters most. Their extensive testing programs assure reliability in operations. Alpha Den Energy personnel support your subsea project from program design to project completion.

Each piece of equipment has been designed and detailed for the service and environments encountered in today’s offshore industry. The result is a world-class suite of highly reliable and safe tools. The system is designed and qualified in compliance with the industry’s highest standards, including ISO13628-7. We provide full system integration of the LS with the subsea equipment and vessel to reduce complexity of interface management and therefore minimize operational risk.

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