Subsea Services

Diving Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

We at Alphaden are committed to providing the best Subsea Services with diving capabilities and through the use of ROVs for Deep Water Operations.

·      Maintaining a Competitive Team of Professional Air and Saturation Divers, Supervisors and Technicians ready for mobilization, at short notice.

·      Operating Dive Support Vessels with Capability for Saturation Diving.

·      Maintaining Portable Air and Saturation Dive Systems.



Supply of Vessels for offshore activities

Alphaden operates a growing fleet of offshore vessels to support Exploration & Production activities. We also provide management services for our clients’ vessel fleet .


In addition, we also provide marine solutions that match customers’ requirements, owing to our access to high quality vessels and valued-contacts which shortens the time required in vessel acquisitions, thus bring marine solutions to our clients in an effective and efficient manner.


Our offered Vessel services consist of:

Sales, Purchase, Brokering

For clients who wish to own assets, we can assist in the provision of sales and purchase options. Depending on your requirement, we will provide either existing fleet in the market, or customized to the specifications of the clients for outright sales or lease-to-sell mode.

Time / Spot Charter

We offer time charter on a long-term basis to clients who prefer minimal upfront investment costs. With the support of our Vessel Building and Fabrication partners, we will be able to make modifications to existing fleet and/or customize our vessel design to meet the capability specifications of the client’s request. We also manage our fleet, crew and provisions on board to ensure smooth, on-time delivery and safe operations of our vessels.

Bareboat Charter

Should you want to operate the vessels without upfront investment, we offer the option of bareboat charter. Our vessels are well-maintained by a group of professional and operational personnel. This allows our clients receive the vessel with peace of mind, and focus on operating the vessel to safety; in a bid to maximizing the output gained from the offshore projects.

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