Thru-Tubing Intervention

Thru-tubing interventions remove fish, perform wellbore departures and stimulations, and isolate sections of the wellbore. This work can be performed through the production tubing, cased-hole sections, or openhole sections of the well much more efficiently and economically than conventional workovers

With a wide variety of reliable tools for thru-tubing operations and highly skilled professional at Alpha Den Energy, we can meet and exceed your well’s connecting, pulling, centralizing, fishing, milling, indexing, and cutting needs.

Milling/Cleanout Services

Alpha Den Energy offers a wide array of mills and bits. In highly deviated wells, the use of an Extended Reach Vibratory Tool allows access to greater depths by reducing friction lock caused by helical buckling. These, along with a rugged motor designed to handle harsh conditions in horizontal wells, simplify the process of milling plugs, valves, concrete, etc.

Abrasive Cutting and Perforating

Alphaden Energy Plug and Perf System with orienting capabilities allows us to set a plug and then divert flow to abrasively perforate in one trip downhole. Because safety is a top priority to us, we’re proud of the fact that our abrasive cutting and perforating jobs are safer than alternatives, like explosives. In addition, our plug and perf systems do not require minimal standoff as with chemical and mechanical devices.

Fishing and Retrieval Services

Alphaden Energy team has performed retrieval operations in virtually every possible scenario. Collapsed coiled tubing can even be fished utilizing a patented Flat Catch Cutting Overshot.

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