Well Plug & Abandonment

Alphaden Energy Services’ commitment to innovative solutions has made us the premier provider of safe, efficient and cost-effective plug and abandonment services. Alphaden Energy’s personnel are experts at achieving any of your abandonment goals including:

  • Abandoning the zone by setting a bridge plug or squeezing with cement
  • Setting balanced cement plugs
  • Cutting and removing tubing and/or casing
  • Setting surface plugs
  • Removing conductors or minimal structures

We can also perform rigless temporary abandonment services to prepare your well for side track or major rig re-completion projects saving you time and money over using a rig to perform these services.

Each Alpha Den Energy employee receives extensive safety training in water survival, B.O.P and well control procedures. In addition, we are dedicated to operating the best-maintained equipment in the industry. Superior is second-to-none in its commitment to the safety of its personnel and the quality of its equipment.

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