Wireline Cased Hole Intervention

Cased-hole services help you comprehend both your well and your reservoir to optimize lifetime production. Whether you need engineered perforating, production or crosswell logging, or well integrity evaluation, our comprehensive cased hole services make sure your wells can continue to reach their full production potential at all times.

Our goal is to help you produce more oil and gas. At Alphaden Energy Services, we focus on solutions for our customers, and Integrated Cased-Hole Services is an example of that commitment. We offer the planning and expertise necessary for all your cased-hole needs. With leading technology and conveyance flexibility, we can address environments like deep water, mature fields, and high-pressure extreme-temperature.

Alphaden Energy wireline cased-hole services include measurement and intervention capabilities, which help operators increase well performance and reduce well challenges that can arise from faulty cased-hole completions. Our comprehensive measurement and intervention services provide a broad range of capabilities and expertise for better-informed production operations that help meet your operational and budgetary objectives.

From identifying bypassed pay zones behind the casing to evaluating the cement and casing integrity, cased-hole wireline logging helps operators obtain valuable information about the well and the reservoir. Cased-hole wireline measurements are often used to optimize production by identifying conditions that impede flow. It also helps improve well integrity by locating internal and external defects caused by corrosion, scale, wear, and failure.

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